Targeted SMS Marketing

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Target Audience or Target market is the guiding tool which determines the marketing message. One can use the texting tool to reach the target audience virtually with a cellphone. Sms marketing uses text messages to reach to the potential customers with information and offers. There are lots of different services which makes it easy for the small business to create and send text messages to the customers.

While determining the marketing strategy for SMS marketing, some factors are needed to be considered:-

Demographics – First and foremost way to define the Potential customer is through demographics. Demographics are used to define the age, gender, education level, marital status, religion of an individual.

Psychographics – Another factor which helps to segment the people and categorize them on the basis of their preferences, goals, attitude etc.

Geography – We can target the potential customer on the basis of their local or any other location. One can target these customers depending on where they live, work, dine, travel and many more.

Behavior – Segmenting your audience based on behavior like a combination of demographic and psychographic. Customer behaviors are measurable trend like purchasing patterns and brand loyalty.

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