Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS Service in India

In a way to promote brand, service, and product, promotional SMS service has become the most cost-effective option in all over India. Promotional SMS is used by every business and institutes to send customized marketing and advertising SMSs to their customers. Businesses promote their services while generating customer interest by engaging with the target audience.

In the current market trend of serving effective marketing services, we offer Promotional SMS solutions in India that are specifically designed to make communication personalized & effective. We mention some of the important reasons here is help you in choosing our Promotional SMS Service in India.

Benefits of Promotional SMS Solution

  • Engage your customers by sending SMS with regular offers, promo codes etc.
  • Launch Text Message Promotions
  • Promote School and College
  • Send Invitation and Marriage SMS
  • Promote Your Business
  • Customized Messages
  • Cost and Time Efficient
  • By using VEDANTA DIGITAL API, you get to send marketing SMS to an astronomically high number of people.

Promotional SMS Service in Raipur CG

We are providing multiple ways of communicating and interacting with the public by which users could access the service and that plays a major role in extending reach beyond each kind phone owners.

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