Bulk Whatsapp Sender software provide various features like unlimited message sending, Multimedia message sending, Group contact, Numbers filters, Sleep control, Speed control, Delay control etc. Send whats app message to customers and propects. Imporve marketing role and make busines communication smoother and faster. Bulk WhatsApp messenger helps you to send a Whatsapp message to unlimited numbers without saving them in contact. You can import number and name from an excel sheet, .txt or CSV file.
Vedanta Digital Raipur based Whatsapp marketing service Provider company offering bulk Whatsapp messaging and WhatsApp marketing software service solution in India. We guarantee you are associated with your client whereever they can simply click of a button! We ensure maximum successful message delivery within minimum timeframe Image, Audio, Video
and document.

Advantage of WhatApp Marketing Service:
Message which get circulated or is at a very minimum cost or even almost free.
Inventive advantages of WhatApp is the Blue tick which enable the Advertise to track how to message communicate stages.
Using WhatsApp you can able send Messages to DND numbers also.
Whatsapp Support Message as well as different formats like pictures, recording, sound, vcards and muchmore.
Through Whatsapp, Advertisers can send the different launches.
You can Send up to 1 lakhs messages at a time.
Money refunded when no whats app number found.
Safe and secured messaging services.
No condition of blocking number becasue all messages are sended through Virtual numbers.
Why should you use WhatsApp for business?
Best reason to use WhatsApp business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 70 billion messages sent through WhatApp every Single day.
User of whatsapp and similar service are willing to engage with business. if your customers and propects are young they are more likely to comfortable using.
Business profile:- It Gives a professional touch to your business by creating a business profile. Enter your business details like name, logo, contact information, description and more in your profile to attract loyal customers.
Customer Labels :- You have to many contacts in your contact list and finding it difficult to differentiate between new and existing one? With WhatsApp business app, you can easily mark or label your customer, order status etc
Automated Messages: Sending warm greetings, welcome or away messages to your customers is a healthy habit to maintain good relations with them. Your custom messages will alert them about your availability.
Quick Replies: No need to send same responses to multiple individuals repeatedly. Instead, choose your response from a list of existing templates and customize your response.
WhatsApp Insights: Access important statistics of the number of messages sent, delivered and read successfully. This will guide you identify your active and inactive customers easily.

Vedanta Digital is one of the top strategic PR firm in Raipur. Just within a short span in the industry. Vedanta has managed to spread its wings and create a multi domain expreience that help comprehensive and cutting edge approach.
As one of the top PR agencies in Raipur, Vedanta digital keeps its client as the top priority and aims at furnishing the best PR service for them.
Within many accomplishments under our name, we represent a wide spectrum of client across education, corporate, real estate, charitable trusts, automobile sector and major goverment groups. Apart from the profile, we have also branched out our services for political and celebrity clients.
We rank amongst the top 10 PR agencies in Raipur. Our diverse services include:

Corporate PR
Fashion PR
Lifestyle PR
Boutique PR
Celebrity PR
Reputation Management (Online Reputation & Offline Reputation)
Television and Film Industry PR
PR for Movies
PR for Artists
Social Media Marketing
Campaigns for Movies & Celebrities

Most PR agencies are focusing on promoting clients and make them seem as relevant or popular as possible. From the past few years we have gained a large experience and a great team that strives to achieve the best client based PR Goals. With the help of Offline PR and Digital PR, Vedanta digital is creating a brand such that they become one of the best PR Agency in Raipur or India.

Vedanta Digital is the leading PR agency in Raipur. At Vedanta digital we have an experience team of PR professionals who understand how to become an effective face and voice for the client. At Vedanta digital, we understand our client’s image. We, therefore, have a dedicated team of experts to create positive image and build strong relationship with audience.
When other PR agencies in Raipur are fully occupied in managing press releases, we, at Vedanta digital PR, brainstorm in 80% of our PR consultancy hours to manufacture a brand essence at policy level for our clients and rest of the time for strategic media communications and other PR initiatives so that the right and strategic message goes to the right people through the right media beating your competitors and yielding maximum ROI for your organization

IVR hosting is type of interactive voice response(IVR) service that allows business to take advantage of call automation without having to invest in specialized equipment or hardware. IVR hosting companies often develop their own IVR  technology and “host” or provide technology that is stored on their own equipment and or web servers. The actual service provided by a hosted IVR can vary greatly and largely depends on the unique need of the client.

Aside from the lack of equipment needed, there are several other key aspects that differentiate IVR hosting from conventional IVR service including: the level of programming required, initial upfront expenses, guaranteed uptime, and available technical support.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also called an Automated Attendant or Call Forwarding Menu, provides businesses with a convenient way to direct incoming calls to the correct person or department. Unfortunately for many callers, an IVR can all-too-often be a source of stress and frustration. We’ve probably all suffered through IVRs that have menu choices that seem to go on forever. Worse still is when you choose the wrong option and the IVR hangs up on you! To get around this, callers often select the option for sales (regardless of the reason for their call) in the belief it will move them to the top of the queue and get their call answered faster.

Hosted IVRs are different from traditional IVRs in the following ways:

Programmed vs. Managed IVRs

Programming is often a very intensive component of any IVR. This is because conventional IVRs rely on every single hypothetical customer scenario being programmed and scripted with an appropriate list of responses. Some sophisticated providers use smart IVRs which are based on artificial intelligence to replace this antiquated model of call automation. This feature can greatly minimize programming because applications can be designed by the provider and implemented remotely for you.

IVR Hosting Fees

Upfront expenses can be cut dramatically with IVR hosting. Not only is the need for expensive equipment taken out of the picture, but the cost of technology is spread out evenly among multiple customers. This service is set up in such a way that every business helps fund research and development for a single super-IVR. In this way, everyone has access to the latest and greatest technological advances, but only pays a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed vs. Limited Uptime

Uptime is a very important consideration when choosing an IVR that will be your customer’s first line of contact with your business. In the IVR industry, just as in web hosting, uptime describes the reliability of your service. While many providers aim to minimize downtime due to power failures and system crashes, these interruptions can end up costing you tons of money in the form of lost sales and will undoubtedly irritate your customers. With IVR hosting, multiple servers and equipment can be used to provide a level of redundancy that’s just not possible with conventional IVRs.