Top 6 reasons why your business needs an IVR System?

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone technology which allows you to access information via an automatic response of a pre-recorded message and its menu options help you to have your call routed to a specific person or department.

IVR is used by various businesses nowadays and specially by banks, telecom sectors and more. Not only this, businesses have understood the importance of IVR and now most of the Small, Medium & Large enterprises use IVR systems to communicate better.

Every business should use the IVR system to communicate better and here are top 6 reasons why you can’t ignore IVR for your business.

1. Handle a large number of calls – Most of the people do online shopping or rely on online mediums and thus it becomes difficult for any business to talk to every customer regarding their complaints or anything else. Thus the IVR system helps in handling the calls effectively. Through IVR most of the customers don’t require to talk to the agent directly, they can easily help themselves through an IVR

2. Creates Brand reputation – IVR plays an important role for creating a brand image among the customers. The message by IVR suggests the company’s way of dealing with the customers. Through IVR the customer can easily find its way to talk to a specific person or department in no time.

3. Creates an awesome experience for customers – Add some good music to your IVR hold calls as this will make a memorable experience for the customer. You can also add some personalized msgs, greetings, upcoming events and more so that your customer also enjoys while being on hold.

4. Attend the calls after business hours – A customer is everything for a business and to succeed in business, one should listen to the customer carefully. So, through IVR you can divert the call and attend the customer calls anywhere anytime. Users can also drop a voicemail when the agents are not available to answer the call.

5.Helps in escalating the revenue – IVR marks an impression on the user and thus creates credibility and trust in front of the customers. Through IVR customers feel that they have been listened to and that we are taking care of their complaint or issue. In the end, this can result in increasing revenue for the business.

6. Move your office, not your phone – customers are familiar with business numbers and tend to call the number available on the APP or website or at any other platforms. So. don’t worry about moving your office, your IVR will go wherever your office goes.

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IVR plays an important role for successful functioning of any business and today is used by almost all the companies to boost their business. Now that you have known the benefits of IVR, you can call +91 +91 92000 66000 @ Vedanta Digital and have your IVR system integrated.

IVR Service provider

IVR hosting is type of interactive voice response(IVR) service that allows business to take advantage of call automation without having to invest in specialized equipment or hardware. IVR hosting companies often develop their own IVR  technology and “host” or provide technology that is stored on their own equipment and or web servers. The actual service provided by a hosted IVR can vary greatly and largely depends on the unique need of the client.

Aside from the lack of equipment needed, there are several other key aspects that differentiate IVR hosting from conventional IVR service including: the level of programming required, initial upfront expenses, guaranteed uptime, and available technical support.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also called an Automated Attendant or Call Forwarding Menu, provides businesses with a convenient way to direct incoming calls to the correct person or department. Unfortunately for many callers, an IVR can all-too-often be a source of stress and frustration. We’ve probably all suffered through IVRs that have menu choices that seem to go on forever. Worse still is when you choose the wrong option and the IVR hangs up on you! To get around this, callers often select the option for sales (regardless of the reason for their call) in the belief it will move them to the top of the queue and get their call answered faster.

Hosted IVRs are different from traditional IVRs in the following ways:

Programmed vs. Managed IVRs

Programming is often a very intensive component of any IVR. This is because conventional IVRs rely on every single hypothetical customer scenario being programmed and scripted with an appropriate list of responses. Some sophisticated providers use smart IVRs which are based on artificial intelligence to replace this antiquated model of call automation. This feature can greatly minimize programming because applications can be designed by the provider and implemented remotely for you.

IVR Hosting Fees

Upfront expenses can be cut dramatically with IVR hosting. Not only is the need for expensive equipment taken out of the picture, but the cost of technology is spread out evenly among multiple customers. This service is set up in such a way that every business helps fund research and development for a single super-IVR. In this way, everyone has access to the latest and greatest technological advances, but only pays a fraction of the cost.

Guaranteed vs. Limited Uptime

Uptime is a very important consideration when choosing an IVR that will be your customer’s first line of contact with your business. In the IVR industry, just as in web hosting, uptime describes the reliability of your service. While many providers aim to minimize downtime due to power failures and system crashes, these interruptions can end up costing you tons of money in the form of lost sales and will undoubtedly irritate your customers. With IVR hosting, multiple servers and equipment can be used to provide a level of redundancy that’s just not possible with conventional IVRs.