How Retailers Can Use SMS Marketing to Improve Business and Engagement?

SMS Marketing to Improve Business and Engagement


Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives and routine. According to the sources, The number of smartphone users in India was estimated to reach 442 million in 2022. Not only this, an average person checks his/her device 47 times a day. Interesting!! Isn’t it?

According to the research, Mobile phones are the last thing 80% of users in the country see before they sleep. They spent an average of 3.5 hours daily on their smartphones, which results in lowering the chances of your message being ignored.

With all these facts and stats, we are pretty sure that smartphones or mobiles are not going anywhere. Brands nowadays understand the importance of mobile marketing and are adopting mobile marketing in order to stay ahead of their competition. Mobile marketing is a new form of marketing in India and is trending at a high rate. Why is it so? Come let’s discover!

  1. Inform customers of more offers – Let your customer know of the offers! As an average person check their phone 47times a day, the offer sent by the businesses can easily be read by the customer and thus results in more engagement with the customers. So, let the customer know what you are offering and let them take the advantage of the same.
  2. Take Feedback – Positive feedback is a great sourcrce of getting new customers, thus encourage the existing customers to review your product or services so that you can improve your offerings accordingly.
  3. Keep them updated – Keep the customer updated regarding your new launch of the services or products. Let your customer know about the discounts or other offerings regarding your services or products and how you can avail the same.
  4. Purchase or Complaint information – Send an SMS to the customer whenever they make a purchase or raise any complaint. This will make the customer happy knowing that the company cares for them and are always at their service.
  5. SMS for mobile app download – Send SMS to existing customers to download your mobile app or opt for e-mail services as this will help the business in engaging with the customer, besides the businesses will get another outreach channel for customers.

SMS Marketing Service in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

So, if you have not yet started using SMS Marketing to improve your customer engagement then it is the right time for you to do so. Your customers will love it and sooner or later you will get to see its benefit.

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Advantage of WhatApp Marketing Service:
Message which get circulated or is at a very minimum cost or even almost free.
Inventive advantages of WhatApp is the Blue tick which enable the Advertise to track how to message communicate stages.
Using WhatsApp you can able send Messages to DND numbers also.
Whatsapp Support Message as well as different formats like pictures, recording, sound, vcards and muchmore.
Through Whatsapp, Advertisers can send the different launches.
You can Send up to 1 lakhs messages at a time.
Money refunded when no whats app number found.
Safe and secured messaging services.
No condition of blocking number becasue all messages are sended through Virtual numbers.
Why should you use WhatsApp for business?
Best reason to use WhatsApp business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 70 billion messages sent through WhatApp every Single day.
User of whatsapp and similar service are willing to engage with business. if your customers and propects are young they are more likely to comfortable using.
Business profile:- It Gives a professional touch to your business by creating a business profile. Enter your business details like name, logo, contact information, description and more in your profile to attract loyal customers.
Customer Labels :- You have to many contacts in your contact list and finding it difficult to differentiate between new and existing one? With WhatsApp business app, you can easily mark or label your customer, order status etc
Automated Messages: Sending warm greetings, welcome or away messages to your customers is a healthy habit to maintain good relations with them. Your custom messages will alert them about your availability.
Quick Replies: No need to send same responses to multiple individuals repeatedly. Instead, choose your response from a list of existing templates and customize your response.
WhatsApp Insights: Access important statistics of the number of messages sent, delivered and read successfully. This will guide you identify your active and inactive customers easily.