Bulk OBD Voice Call Service

OBD Voice Call Service

Voice call Service known as OBD service is an innovative way to send your message to your clients or customers through voice recording. Just record your voice and send it to anyone using mobile. Voice call service or OBD helps you in the following ways-:

  • Connect with Customers anywhere in the world
  • Wider Reach
  • Bulk Registrations
  • Lead Generation through voice call
  • Easy voting in the time of elections
  • Voice sms service is available at lowest cost
  • Voice SMS Features

Vedanta Digital offers you the best in quality OBD service at an affordable price. Our bulk voice call service is unique and user friendly in all aspects. The main technology we use provides your call with a unique landline number; which increases the rate of conversions greatly.

  • Easily forward the call with call forwarding option
  • Ability to schedule bulk voice SMS campaigns
  • Only pay for the calls that connect
  • Easily integrable with third-party applications
  • Ensure better engagement with out dial and retry functionality
  • Offers multi-channel dialing
  • Comes with DNC (Do Not Call list) list

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