SEO or Search engine optimization is the practice of promoting website which help your website has the maximum number of organic visitors. if you are wondering why some website rank better than others, it is because of  SEO technique and practices it help to generate from serach engine. Vedanta digital is most trusted SEO service provider in India that carefully selects relevant keywords.

SEO is basically broken down into two basic areas:

On site Optimization: It refers to the factors that affect your web page ranking in the search results. For Example website speed, HTTP2, HTML code, Title Tags, Meta tags, keywords placement and keyword density in your WebPages.

Off site Optimization: It refers to the method that we use to raise the ranking of the website through promotional means such as Content Marketing, Social media marketing, link building, Local SEO and so on.

The important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are:

  • Analysis
  • Site Wide-
  • Universal Search
  • Usability
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Technical SEO
  • Checking and optimizing robots.txt to allow search engines to properly access your website
  • Adding and verifying your website with Google Search Console. Clearly specific the preferred domain.
  • Using coverage report for finding and fixing crawl errors
  • Creating XML sitemap and submitting to all important search engines Optimizing the website and URL structures
  • Creating websites that load quickly on all types of devices
  • Following SEO-friendly web design policies

On-Page SEO

Page Titles: The page titles are optimized. These titles appear in the search results and need to be attention drawing for the users. The page title should provide search engine crawlers with information on what type of content exists on a page.

  • H1 Tag: H1 tag appears as the top heading of a web page. It has almost the same value as the page title.
  • Headings: The sub-headings are also optimized. Sub-headings (H2 tag, H3 tag, and so on) make a page easier to scan for search engine crawlers and read for visitors.
  • Images: We optimize all the images used on your web pages. This is important to make search engines understand what each image stands for. This will require optimizing the image’s filename, ALT text, and file size.
  • Formatting: A page containing textual and visual elements will also need to be formatted to meet the best SEO practices. Google does have tools to understand how a web page looks to a user. The use of popups, large ads, and other intrusive content can affect the ranking algorithms.

Off-Page SEO

  • Link Building: This is a process for generating backlinks from other relevant websites. Such links help increase your website’s authority and work as votes of trust.
  • Brand Promotion: Off-page SEO also focuses on promoting your brand and encouraging conversations on social media websites and forums. Social media signals are also a strong ranking factor for Google and other search engines.