How To Maintain & Grow Your Business In A Pandemic!

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How To Maintain & Grow Your Business In A Pandemic!

Covid 19 Business Effect

Whether it’s small, medium, or large businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of them in different ways. Some of them have prospered like ISP & Fitness Industry, but others have been greatly impacted due to the pandemic.

It is rightly said that every problem has a solution and thus this is a time where businesses should accept the new ways to run their business. There is always a time when businesses can survive the crisis and be in a position to bounce back when things get better.

Let’s discover some things you can do to keep your customers engaged with your product or services

Update/Improve the website – In order to increase customer engagement, the business should always keep their website updated. In this pandemic, a business website is the only place that will keep the customers aware of your offers, products or services.

Local listing – A common business gets 59 activities from their Google My Business posting every month. All things considered, 56% of activities on Google My Business postings are site visits which present an extraordinary occasion to change visitors into clients. Take some time and ensure you have a fully functional Google My Business Page. Google has executed a ton of augmentations to Google My Business platform recently.

Continuous Digital Marketing efforts –  Digital marketing is the new normal in this pandemic. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large business, they all have increased their digital marketing efforts to reach a larger audience. Digital marketing is cheaper compared to the traditional form of marketing and thus more result-oriented than traditional marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – The majority of the people trust those brands which appear on the top of the Google search result. 70-80% of internet searcher clients only focus on organic results and putting resources into search has never been more significant. Building an SEO procedure and executing it requires some investment, discipline, and key execution.

Get reviews/feedbacks – While purchasing a particular product or service, people look for reviews. In this digital era, reviews play an essential role in gaining customers. There is no excuse now for not reaching out to those customers you have done such a great job to ask for a review. And better yet, they don’t have an excuse for not leaving you a review! In times like these, we need to help each other out.

These were some of the tips to maintain & grow your business in this pandemic. The pandemic is not over yet and it’s not too late for you to grow your business. Start following the advice or take an expert’s advice for your business. Visit us @ and take expert’s advice.

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